Your obligations around flight cancellations

On our latest TTC Travelcast,  we recapped the rules with guest speaker, Rhys Griffiths around who is responsible for flight disruptions.

27 Jul, 2022 Updated 29 Jul, 2022

Following all the recent airline and airport disruptions, there have been several conversations about who is responsible for refunding or rebooking flights for customers if their flight is cancelled. On the latest TTC Travelcast for our clients,  we recapped the rules with guest speaker, Fox Williams’ Rhys Griffiths.

Haven’t got time to watch the video? Here are the highlights:

  • Flight-Only – if the airline cancels the flight it has the obligation to offer the customer the option of either taking a refund or rerouting.
  • With the PTRs – if the customer books a package, the airline still has to offer the customer an alternative flight if it’s cancelled. However, this isn’t always happening, so the organisers are having to cancel the package or source an alternative flight.
  • If you pay using a virtual card, the easiest way to get your money back from the airline is using a chargeback.
  • If a tour operator has sold a set of ground arrangements, but the customer’s flight has been cancelled, and they can’t get there, you don’t have any legal responsibility.

If you need advice on your obligations around flight cancellations, we are here to help. Please get in touch with a member of our team.

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