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An investment of growth capital for Macs Adventure

International tour operator, Macs Adventure came to TTC during the Covid-19 pandemic. Founder and CEO, Neil Lapping had some offers on the table, but wanted help appraising them.

Neil got in touch with TTC midway through a chaotic pandemic. His business, Macs Adventure, an international tour operator specialising in walking and cycling holidays, had weathered the storm so far and as a true testament to the quality business he’d founded, Neil had even managed to secure several private equity investment offers that would inject several millions of growth capital to help him rebuild and scale when things returned to normality.

But Neil was grappling with the decision. How should he appraise the competing and structurally diverse offers? How much growth capital would be enough to see him through the pandemic and power his growth out of the other side? And how much control was he prepared to give up in the process?